Saturday, March 23, 2013

Painting Princess

For this Tutorial I am using the work of
You can find her work at
If using this tube make sure you have the proper licenses.
The Scrap I used is by
"Rissa's Designs"
It is called "Misfit Princess"
Mask I am using is

You will need  filter

Lets get started ...

Open 800 x800 white image

No worries you can re-size after tag is finished.

Add RD Paper #17 as background paper
Load/Save Mask
Create Mask From/Source luminance
Orientation/Fit To Canvas
Options/Invert Transparency/Hide Mask


Add RD Paper #3

Open RD#78 (FRAME) - Copy
Close  out of the original RD#78

Paste RD#78 (FRAME) as New Image
Resize 500 x 500
Copy - paste as new layer

Highlight RD#3
Add your tube re-size if needed.
Duplicate Mirror
Highlight bottom tube
Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Colorize

Merge down onto RD Paper #3

Highlight RD#78 Frame - Duplicate and move below your tube
With top Frame highlighted
Use your Eraser Tool
Erase Frame for what part of the tube you'll want 
coming out of the frame.

Highlight bottom frame
Magic Wand 
Click inside frame 
Selections - Invert
Highlight tube - Eraser tool at 50% now, 
Erase the bottom part of the tube so it won't be showing below the frame
Selection - Select None (Deselect)
Magic Wand again inside bottom frame
Selections/Modify/Expand by 5 pixels
Highlight RD Paper #3

Now top frame -tube - bottom frame
Add a Drop Shadow with setting as
Vertical : -2
Horizontal : 2
Opacity : 75
Blur : 5.00
Merge Down top frame onto tube
Merge these down onto bottom frame
Add what elements you want to go above the framed image.
I used RD1 and RD21 using the eraser tool 25% I erased part of
RD21 so it looks like her elbow is over it.
Merge these to element down onto the frame.

Merge down RD Paper #3  onto  your mask  background

Now new layer and add you copyright info. and your name.


Highlight your background paper
Effects - Tramages - Pool Shadow

Change Intensity: 73 and Lightness: 62

Shift -D to make a copy
Copy Merged or ctrl+shift+c
Open Animation Shop paste as new animation or ctrl+v

Back to PSP
Delete the copy
On Original click back arrow to remove your effects
Effects - Shadow Pool again
Change Intensity 83
Shift - D

Copy Merged or ctrl+shift+c

Back to Animation shop
Paste after current frame or shift+ctrl+L

Back to PSP
Delete the copy
On Original click back arrow to remove your effects
Effects - Shadow Pool again
Change Intensity 95
Shift D

Copy Merged or ctrl+shift+c

Keep frame properties at 10 and save.

Would love to see your results. ♥



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