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Candy Beach Clusters

Here are some new Clusters up for you all today
By LadyDraugs

You can download the clusters from 
her blog 

"Soft" Tag Showoff

I used Rissa's Designs new kit, Soft. I love this kit!

I also made a few freebie snags for you. You can grab them from my blog! Thanks for looking :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sweet & Sexy

2013 XeraX Fave Student Tutorial

Tutorial by Millie's PSP Madness using 2013 XeraX Fave Student
Tutorial HERE

Make Me Pretty Tutorial

Tutorial by Alexis's Graphics Palace using Make Me Pretty
Tutorial HERE

2013 XeraX Fave Student Tag

Tag by Mags Tags using 2013 XeraX Fave Student

Candy Beach Tutorial

Tutorial by Irish Princess Designs using Candy Beach
Tutorial HERE

Candy Beach Tag

Tag by Creative Crazy Scraps using Candy Beach

Soft Tutorial

Tutorial by Millie's PSP Madness using Soft
Tutorial HERE

Misfit Princess Tags

Tags by Michelle's Myths using Misfit Princess

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Faery Dust Tag

I made two tags with a cute Faery kit called Faery Dust

I also made a couple of freebie snags for you on my blog. Check it out @ Drea's Creations!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Elegant Beauty Clusters and Snags

LadyDragus made some clusters and Snag's using 
My elegant Beauty kit

You can download the cluster and the matching Snags
on her blog here Elegant Beauty CF~ Snags

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Blues Tags

CT tags and a forum set made using The Blues

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rawkin Rebels

For this Tutorial I am using the work of
If using these tubes make sure you have the proper licenses.
You can purchase her work from

I am using the FTU Scrap kit “Rawkin Rebel”
you can find this kit at

You will need no Filters

Lets get started ...

Open New Image 800 x 800
Color : White

Open RD_Paper 6
Copy – Paste as new layer

Close original paper 6

Open RD_Paper 4
Copy – Paste as new layer
Resize 75%

Close original paper 4

Highlight paper 6
Layer – Load/Save Mask – Load Mask From Disk

Create Mask From – Source Luminance
Orientation – Fit To Canvas
Invert Transparency - unchecked
Options – Hide All Mask

Layers – Merge – Merge Group

Add RD_Frame 5
Click inside frame with your Magic Wand
Mode: Add(Shift)
Match Mode : RGB Value
Tolerance: 0
Contiguous : Checked
Feather : 0
Check : Anti-alias

Selections – Invert

Add your tube resize if needed
Duplicate Frame move above tube
Top Frame Highlighted
Use your Eraser with setting as shown below
Erase What part you want to be coming out of frame.

Now highlight tube and erase what part you don't want to be showing.

Selections-Modify-Expand by 7
Highlight Paper - Delete
Add Outside Tube resize if needed I resized mine 65%
Add RD_Flower 1 -duplicate/mirror
Move one to the right side.
Add Drop Shadow to all
V: 1 H: -1 Opacity: 75 Blur: 7.00

Now new layer and add you copyright info. and your name.

Close paper 6 & white background

Merge/Merge Visible

Reopen paper 6 and white background.


Highlight paper 6

Tramages – Pool Shadow

First time Default Setting

Copy Merged or ctrl+shift+c
Open Animation Shop paste as new animation or ctrl+v

Back to PSP
Click back arrow
Tramages – Pool Shadow
Horizonal : 69

Copy Merged or ctrl+shift+c

Back to Animation shop
Paste after current frame or shift+ctrl+L

Back to PSP
Back to PSP
Click back arrow
Tramages – Pool Shadow
Horizonal : 159

Keep frame properties at 10 and save.

Would love to see your results.


Frosted Cupcake Tutorial

I have a new tut on my blog using Rissa's Frosted Cupcake.  It is called Cupcake Delight.

It can be found Here

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